About Manish Puri

Over 25 years of work experience & has held various leadership assignments in organizations.

Manish is a Business Consultant & Coach engaged in coaching Business Owners, Corporates & individuals. Manish’s specific area of expertise is to turn a business around by enhancing its productivity.

Here are some facts about the Gallup Strengths Philosophy- quoted from their official website. All that you will read now on this page bears the copyright of Gallup.Read More

This begins with a ‘business diagnostics’ in order to determine the ‘present state’ of the business. Post diagnostics, a customized program is constructed.Read More

We conduct Workshops & Interventions on Sales, Strengths, Leadership, Strategy and Process to suit your needs.These engagements are both standalone or part of a long term transformation project.Read More

One time impact is one such offering for you wherein in one coaching interaction over a period of 2 hours, you receive the following:

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Through this exciting psychology of strengths, Manish is able to coach you & your teams on your top 5 strengths & make you excel!


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Do you know what your top 5 strengths are?
Do you know what your team members’ top 5 strengths are?
Do you know or do you ‘think’ you know?
Knowing your strengths & your teams’ strengths enables you to reach your results faster & in a much more exciting manner!