It has been 4 years since I have been coaching as an Entrepreneur & 22 years prior to that in various leadership roles while employed in the corporate world. The few lines you will read here are straight from my 26 years experience so far…

I shall begin by articulating the following three types of people I have coached in the last few years. They are:

  1. THE LEARNERS: Clearly these are people who are keen on acquiring knowledge and taking massive action subsequently. They are a coach’s delight as they are truly coachable. They reason, argue, debate about all they know, all they want to know & all that comes their way, with an unbelievable attitude of complete surrender & belief that this journey will make them reach the destination they seek. They do their tasks, admit openly that they failed & practice vulnerability as a way of life. Needless to say that this is a clear win/win for both- the coach & the coachee. If this makes sense to you, you are a LEARNER.
  2. THE LEGITs: ‘LETS GIVE IT TIME’ are the LEGITs & frankly, there’s nothing wrong in being one. We know that the market is filled with the early & the late adopters and so this is a part of the reality we live in. Some of these LEGITs I have personally coached; only to realise that all this while- they were deliberating, they were actually battling either their own perception or someone else’s. They however had the will to reach up to that line from where they took the leap of faith & eventually got what they wanted. I am a fan of these guys as I know what it takes to take a leap of faith. It takes courage to start with & I know no disadvantages of courage in the civilised world.
  3. THE IKIAs: IKIA here stands for ‘I KNOW IT ALL’! It has been an absolute challenge meeting the IKIAs & coaching few of them. Clearly here, what the person already knows- comes in the way of what the person could possibly know & adopt for growth. Sometimes they come around when in influence of their LEARNER friends. It has been a challenge for the IKIAs to reach that ‘leap of faith’ line but once they do, there’s no looking back until they reach their mission. We are all in our respective journeys & the very diversity of the nature of our journeys makes it so worthwhile for the coach.

In my next few blogs, I shall dive into the depth of this subject. For now, let me just leave you with a perspective on what coaching is.

Coaching leads you to growth places you never imagined, through a new version of you that you never knew existed.

Cheers, Manish.



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16 comments on “Coaching

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