For Corporate Executives


An Executive in an organization is like any ambitious person in an ocean of opportunity. Personal merit & competencies are a must, however that’s not all that is required in order to ace the corporate journey. Leadership Skills, a robust yet Adaptable Attitude, Effective Communication Skills to express ‘why, what & how’, Behavioral Skills in order to cast influence, Processes to incorporate for increased & ongoing efficiency & Strategic Thinking to evolve alternative methods and solutions so as to solve for greater planning & productivity- are some of the key attributes needed for effectively navigating a performance rich corporate marathon.

In addition to these areas- GALLUP STRENGTHS COACHING is also infused as this psychology becomes the big ‘HOW’ of what needs to done.  (Please see ‘Gallup Strengths Coaching’)

Benefits of One-to-One Business Coaching

  1. Exclusive time & attention to the recipient
  2. People open up in a One-to-One setting as compared to a group setting
  3. Why is that important?- factors that affect performance are different, varied & personal and hence one finds it comfortable to open up about them on a One-to-One basis
  4. It is a journey, as change does not happen instantly. It’s comfortable to share the journey on a One-to-One as it comprises of ups & downs, break downs etc
  5. One can go back to the coach anytime during this journey to share anything
  6. Specifically when there is a break down or query or an inquiry to be made- the coach can be called or met
  7. The coach keeps the person on track & does not allow the person to drift from the course of actions. This eventually makes the person achieve goals
  8. The coach becomes a confidante, a professional available to you 24/7 as success is about 24/7 dedication
  9. The coach signs up with you for specific goals to be met during a specific time period. And takes you there.
  10. There are agreements with the coach in terms of ‘doable actions’ from both sides, i.e. you & the coach. When both happen, results happen.
  11. You get customized knowledge, in line with goals you have signed up for
  12. You will be asked to take customized actions to meet your goals
  13. The coach will hold your hand until you master the actions that will lead you to your goals
  14. The coach helps you create new habits & those habits lead you to your goals
  15. A coach is a one stop shop for-why to do, what to do, how to do, how much to do, when to do, where to do & all questions you may have. So a coach is a one stop shop for- customized knowledge, customized actions, solutions to everything that comes in the way & a guiding force that keeps you on track all the time!

Successful companies and successful executives use coaching to achieve their goals!

A study reported in the Manchester Review of 100 executives, from mostly Fortune 1000 companies, showed that coaching produced improvements from 22%-53% in areas such as: productivity, employee retention, quality, and organizational areas.

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Public Statistics of Executive Coaching

A study of 100 executives, from mostly Fortune 1000 companies using coaching, showed executives reported the following percentage benefits from the coaching they received:

  • Increased productivity – 53%
  • Increased customer service – 39%
  • Retention of executives – 32%
  • Reduction in costs – 23%
  • Increased bottom-line profitability – 22%
  • Organizational strength – 48%
    Statistics on the Benefits and ROI of Coaching published in the Manchester Review, 2001, Vol. 6, 1 (Jan. 16,2001)

Tangible benefits from coaching showed the following results for a large range of companies:

  • New or improved skills – 50%
  • Work relationships within a team – 50%
  • Seeing others’ perspectives – 47%
  • Clarity in work life – 43%
  • Increased motivation – 43%
  • Improved atmosphere – 40%
  • Sales and revenue – 23%
  • Obtained goals – 20%
    Statistics on the Benefits of Coaching – a survey reported from Clear Coaching Limited, February 2007