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 The Gallup session that I did with Manish opened my eyes to a whole new world. While I always knew that I possessed some problem solving and direction giving abilities, it was only after the 8 weeks spent with Manish that the true scope of what I could do was brought to the fore. Now no problem is too difficult to solve and there is no task that cannot be managed, all thanks to the strength coaching that Manish did with me. Manish is a great listener, gives some solid advice and sees through the execution and implementation of the findings from the coaching sessions. If Excellence is what you desire,Manish is the coach to have by your side.

Gaurav Bhagat
Managing Director,
Consortium Gifts Pvt. Ltd

Manish’s coaching is inspired by Gallup’s strength finder framework and focuses on leveraging one’s strengths to succeed in life. I got a chance to experience his work while he was leading a strengths coaching session for PepsiCo’s key managerial talent. Through his coaching I learnt about my strengths and how I can use them to do better at work and personal relationships. I strongly recommend this session for every aspiring professional.

Vidhu Arora
Manager- Transformation
PepsiCo India Region


Manish coached our cross functional team on “How to be a strong team player and contribute to overall team progress”. This was indeed of great value to all the employees who attended this program & I am sure this would add up to their set of skills and contribute to overall performance of teams. Looking forward to some more sessions in future. Thank you Manish & best wishes!!.

Gaurav Minocha
Sr.General Manager AC&HA,Panasonic India
Gurgaon, India


I had the privilege of meeting Manish Puri when he delivered an Introduction to Strengths workshop for our Institute in New Delhi, India. I have never seen someone so engaging, passionate and inspiring before – and I have seen a lot of people deliver these presentations. The atmosphere in the room while Manish presented was electric, and everyone I spoke with afterwards was inspired to learn more about the power of working with their Strengths.I personally was so inspired by Manish’s passion that I immediately enrolled in the next course to become a Strengths Coach myself. You’ve inspired my future! Thank you Manish!

Kate Cawthorn
Relationship Manager and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Institute for Professional Speakers
Sydney, Australia

I am Dr. Vanishree Pathak, a Dentist practicing at Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic at DLF city phase 1. We are a multispeciality Dental Clinic with state of the art infrastructure, an in- house laboratory, a special children unit and very well qualified Dentists & staff, established in 1992. I would like to appreciate the selfless effort made by Manish Puri to promote my business. I wholeheartedly thank him for the business promotion ideas that he suggested to me, going all out of the way to help me plan the dental check up event held at my clinic on April 03, 2016. I feel privileged to be associated with a selfless & a helpful person like him.

Dr. Vanishree Pathak
Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic
Gurgaon, India

I Kanchan S Satpathy a practicing Architect and qualified Lawyer , Director Forte Point India P.Ltd. Builders & Developers, into the business of Developing Residential spaces for more than 32 yrs, having 19 yrs of personal experience, in the Construction Industry, would like to Appreciate & Recommend Mr. Manish Puri, as an outstanding Coach and Guide. Manish is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and has coached me on Strengths and Leadership skills, which has added an entirely different perspective and view to my work culture, performance and leadership skills. Manish is an awe inspiring coach and guide who leads by example and makes the most daunting goals very achievable. He has not only enriched me about the strengths , abilities & potentials lying untapped within myself, but has also guided me to leverage them to their best advantage. His understanding and command over his subject & the Gallup Strengths are stupendously amazing & incomparable. His coaching Program transforms you to an exalted state. Even the incipient Leadership Skills in a person get incited after attending his Leadership coaching Program. His sense of contribution & dedication to any cause that he takes up is worth emulating. He is a true Giver and works selflessly to help & assist people in their work spheres. I Strongly recommend Manish Puri as a Quintessential Business Coach for an entrepreneur or business owner to have a paradigmatic inflection of their thought process, resulting in maximization of their strengths and augmentation of Business growth.

Kanchan S Satpathy
Director, Forte Point India Pvt. Ltd.
Gurgaon, India.

I, Sanjeev Jawahar- owner of Spirit Clothing Company, a Govt. recognised export house, manufacturing and exporting garments to Europe for the past fifteen years, wish to affirm that I have been the recipient of ‘Gallup Strengths Coaching’ from Manish Puri. Through his unique method, he helps address the twin challenges that lie juxtaposed in an intriguing manner–that of helping increase turnover and profitability on one hand, while harnessing the innate potential of the individual, to best realise optimum results, on the other. He takes pains to customise his coaching, based on his understanding of the individual’s needs and potential. He readily brings his twenty five years of experience on the table and isn’t scared to tread an uncharted path to achieve the desired results. His infectious and persuasive enthusiasm, in consonance with his remarkable gift of gliding in and out of your position in the organisation, enable him to offer an independent perspective of the problem at hand and offer a comprehensive solution. His wit and razor sharp understanding, only add to his repertoire. His dedication and commitment, coupled with his fetish for punctuality and penchant for thoroughness, mark him out as a ‘Coach with a Difference’. I strongly urge you to take the Gallup Strengths Test and follow the results thereof, to their logical conclusion!

Sanjeev Jawahar
Owner- Spirit Clothing
Gurgaon, India

I, Aman Batra, am the Jt. MD of One&Only – Legendary Furniture. We offer luxurious handcrafted furniture, created with the finest materials and handcrafting skills. We specialize in creating bespoke solutions for homes, offices and farms, in styles ranging from Classic to Contemporary to Modern. I have personally taken up ‘Gallup Strengths Coaching’ with Mr. Manish Puri. Through my coaching, Manish has been the perfect coach – full of passion for his work, immense knowledge and experience, and implementable ideas for me and my business. He has consistently demanded the highest level of integrity, effort and action from my side too, to help me create a better version of myself. I wholeheartedly vouch that anyone wanting to grow and achieve their dreams, whether in business or at a personal level, should take up his program and experience the power and change in your life! I wish him the best and hope he keeps making a difference to peoples’ lives !

Aman Batra
Jt. MD- One&Only
Gurgaon, India.


We hired Manish to do a presentation for the Indian Institute For Professional Speakers. Not only was Manish the highest ranked speaker, but his expertise and thought leadership around unleashing peoples’ strengths using ‘Gallup Strengths Psychology’- was outstanding. In my opinion Manish is one of the best speakers I have ever heard in India and I would highly recommend him as a speaker for any event.


Sam Cawthorn
International Best Selling Author and Founder & CEO of The Indian Institute For Professional Speakers.
Institute for Professional Speakers
New Delhi, India


We at Arohan had invited Manish Puri over to Kolkata to conduct a workshop on ‘Enhancing Productivity’. Manish coached us on Sales & Sales Process Management, Time Management, Work Ethics and Multi Tasking!
Manish made what initially seemed very hard- look easy and doable & his coaching was very impactful. The teams now are following the learning and are progressing very well.
Post the session; Manish surprised me by his confession that such a session with a Microfinance Company was his maiden one. Unbelievable but true!!!

Madhu Murthy
Head of Business
Arohan Financial Services Private Ltd.
Kolkata, India


I was introduced to Manish Puri in June this year and he has been my strength finding/ building coach since then. I think he is an unbelievably talented coach who is also very personable and creative. Even as I always thought that I was in touch with my strengths, his advice has been extremely helpful in working with the top-tier ones! I can see some positive results within this short period. Manish is a valued coach and who I will gladly recommend.

Sumantra Sen
Managing Partner, Esgalier Advisors LLP
Also co-author of ‘Evolutions in sustainable investing’‘Thirsty Nation’ New Delhi, India


I had a very enriching experience of being coached by Manish Puri. During these sessions he was able to take me on a journey inside my inner self & connect me to my own strengths.What was really unique was the realization how I was already using my strengths all these years, without being conscious about them. A distinct difference in how I am now looking at myself from the past is- when I am faced with an assignment or task, I look at the strengths I possess, and how I need to deploy these to accomplish the desired results.

While preparing an execution plan for the team, I also prepare a personal Strengths & Benefit plan for each phase of the action plan. During the coaching sessions another eureka movement for me was when I realized that there is an unexplained, unstated and unidentified roadblock which is somehow stopping me from being becoming a Bold Leader, who is unstoppable in the face of “No Agreements”. During these coaching conversations, we discovered that these are my own “No Agreements” & are internal to my inner self & not external, and it is me who needs to overcome them using my identified strengths.
Thank you Manish for unleashing the BOLD LEADER in me.

Shammi Sood
Learning & Development, Aircel
Gurgaon, India

abhilash pic2

Recently, team Marqland, was fortunate enough to undergo a coaching session by Mr. Manish Puri. Since then our team is progressing well and setting new benchmarks. We felt that Mr. Puri’s company would be the ideal choice to guide our sales team through the various obstacles they confront in a selling environment
In his coaching session, Mr. Puri covered important topics such as time management, handling objections, elevator speech, knowing the customer, effective ways to deal with customers and closing techniques. The feedback we received from our team has been very positive, not only in words but well demonstrated by results too. These new skills obtained are now part of each sales consultant’s toolkit and we have already started to see the end benefit i.e. more numbers & more cheers!!!!!!!!!!.

Abhilash P
Dy. Manager HR & Marketing,
Marqland Jaguar Land Rover
Bangalore, India


Ever since I have met Manish, my way of working and style of thinking have completely changed. He helped me structure my goals, create the right path to achieve those goals and encouraged me to start working towards them. There were many hurdles in my way towards achieving my goals and there were many problems which I did not even know about. Manish helped me identify them and helped me overcome these hurdles. Being with Manish, I know that there is nothing that can stop me from achieving the business goals I have always dreamt of..


Sumit verma
Director- Punjab Jewelers ,
New Delhi, India

neha pic1Manish helped me put a structure to my start-up business. I learnt how to generate new business, manage time effectively by way of differentiating between ‘the important & the urgent’ and focusing on what’s key for my business. Manish has been a great coach & I feel I can count on him for inputs & advice anytime..

Neha Tulsian
Founder- NH1 Design
Gurgaon, India